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Develop an extra income from where ever you are. All you need is a laptop & and an internet connection. I am a Forex Teacher/Tutor that offers one-on-one lessons for anyone who is interested in generating a new stream of income living in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & GTA.

  • Strategies

    I will teach you 6 Forex strategies that you can use over & over again successfully.

  • Low Prices

    Cost of 4 lessons is $500. The price includes on-going coaching. Each lesson is two hours in duration.

  • Always there to Help

    I will help you to open a demo account, & try these strategies with no risk to you at all. After you are convinced they work, then you can trade in a live account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start Living Your Life What are you waiting for

Learn 6 strategies in 4 lessons, which you can use over & over again profitably in the Forex market. Coaching would be ongoing even after the lessons are over.

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At the time you come for the first lesson.
No I don’t think so. After 4 lessons you would have some strategies to trade with. As any other activity in life, you need to practice using these strategies, & be comfortable identifying opportunities to trade in the Forex market. With trading experience, you would be able to reach a consistency level that ensures a sustainable success rate.
Clients who use these strategies correctly have informed me that they maintain a success rate of 6-7 trades out of 10.
There are many qualities that make a trader successful, but the most important one is “Money Management”. This will be taught in the course.
Of course! I would be a mentor to you after you finish the course. You can discuss trades you took, & I can analyze them for you. This is the best way of learning strategies- by doing.

Forex Lessons Pricing


Beginner's Forex Course
  • This is essentially an introductory course in Forex
  • The facilitator will assume you have little or no prior knowledge of Forex
  • There would be 4 weekly sessions of 2 hours each
  • Participants will be familiarized about the Forex market, how it operates & who the players are
  • Students will be assisted in opening a free demo account for $ 50,000 to practice trading. Further, 6 trading strategies would be explained with examples
  • How to manage money in a trading account will also be explained


Advanced Forex Course
  • This course is aimed at students who are currently trading Forex, but with little or no result
  • This course is also for students who have followed the Beginner’s Course, & would like to take their trading to the next level
  • The course will consist of 4 weekly lessons of 2 hours each
  • The Facilitator will discuss Price Action strategies with the use of a few indicators
  • Candle stick types & their significance to trading would be discussed
  • The topic of Money Management would also be covered

Testimonials from my past students

Previously I was trading Forex with little knowledge, & I was losing money. But after I took Forex lessons I learned strategies that I could use over & over again. Because of this I am able to now trade confidently & with success.


I had only heard about Forex as a means of making money using your computer. But after taking Forex classes, I now have a good understanding of how the market works, where to buy & where to sell. Actually it is another stream of income for me.


Forex coaching was an eye opener for me. Now I have a way of making extra income using Forex Trading.


I was introduced to Forex trading step by step. The teaching style was very student focused. I was able to learn at my pace. Now I know how to trade. I did not realize the amount of science involved in Forex trading. I am grateful to the Teacher, as I have another source of income in my retirement.


The Forex trading strategies I learned were awesome. It gave me a solid understanding of when to trade, & when to be out of the market. I recommend this course for anybody who wants to develop another stream of income using your computer & an internet connection.


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